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I LOVE my fragrant wax melts! Since I have a hard time deciding, 

I ordered 11 different ones and they all smell wonderful in their own 

unique ways. My immediate favorite is the Lavender Vanilla, 

Bergamot a close second. My son has been using them and his 

home always smells so warm and welcoming, I had to give them 

a try. Now the waxes themselves are great, but the package that 

arrived was a treat in itself. You can tell here is someone who 

delights in preparing a surprise and lovingly puts together 

something that will feel like Christmas any time of the year. There 

was a "try me" olfactory treat inside that I have been wearing 

non-stop since I got it. It will be part of my next order. 

Thank you so much, Jenhi <3


                                                                                                                                                    Ki W.

I’ve loved every Luminous Essentials candle I’ve had. 

They have beautiful decorations and you can always 

tell they’re made with love❤️❤️


                                                                                                                                   Naomi M.

I ordered a variety of Soap, beard oils and wax melts. 

Shipping and handling was great, fast. The beard oils smell really good 

without being overpowering. Beard feels smooth and healthy. 

Good lather and scent on the soap as well, and you know you’re not getting the toxins 

found in bottle soaps. Wax melts are long lasting and smell 

delicious. Will order again!

 2020                                                                                                                                Jon W.

Love the lotion! More like a body butter! I use it on my face too!! 


Ordered the item and got it quickly in perfect condition with extra goodies. Loved my candle. Getting another one now. 

Travis F.

I purchased the Curious Bath Bomb. I was delighted with my bath bomb! It filled my whole bathroom with a delicious scent and soothed my skin. My skin was so soft after my bath. Thank you!

Annie L.

I purchased the Lemon Hemp Bar Soap. I wanted to use this for my acne. I was skeptical because I have sensitive skin, but within the first wash my skin looked even and bright. all redness had gone away. The smell was also great, not at all overpowering. It was very fresh. this soap made my skin really soft and is gentle enough for every day use.

Allison M.

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