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Pedi-Kote™ is 100% All Natural Foot Care Kit all in one package. Extremely conditioning for your feet. Made with shea butter, beeswax, premium coconut and Vitamin E oils. FRAGRANCE FREE.


Kit includes:

(1) Emery Board

(1) bottle of cuticle oil with easy application brush for cuticles.

(2) half-moon Pedi-Kote™ bars, designed for easy curved application to feet.

(1) pair of foot conditioning socks to wear as your feet begin to heal!

(1) a small paper scroll with all of these directions!


Directions: Cleanse feet and towel dry for best results. Exfoliate the bottom of your feet with the emery board provided. Coat tops, bottoms and in between toes with Pedi-Kote™ half-moon bar. Coat cuticles of toes with the jojoba oil provided. SLIP ON SOCKS AND LET YOUR FEET SOAK FOR AS LONG AS YOU WOULD LIKE. The longer the better obviously! Once the Pedi-Kote™ and the jojoba oil have soaked into your feet, they will be feeling as soft as a baby bunny. Wash socks in washer with warm water, and use for your next conditoning process.


*All items come sealed for safety purposes.

Pedi-Kote Foot Care Kit

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